If some 14 year old boy were to imagine computer generated breasts to affix on an improbable statuesque female frame, the result is Natasha.

Her gorgeous face, coupled with a body that defies physics is a sight one can't fully comprehend upon meeting her. Her personality and calming demeanor only make the experience that much more amazing.

A very engaging and welcoming professional. None of her reviews are an exaggeration​​. She knows her techniques and her body is amazing.

Her in-call was easy to locate, in a nice location, upscale and very welcoming.

She's extremely easy to talk to, extremely intelligent, and an absolute stunner.

Best ever!

This was literally the most amazing pair of natural breasts I've ever seen in person or maybe ever.

She's the type of provider that you just appreciate for who she is, on top of the service she provides.

In a league of her own!

I have never felt rushed or left an appointment without being completely satisfied.

Natasha doesn't show her entire face in her photos, but I can assure you there is nothing to hide. It's merely for discretion. She is stunningly gorgeous with an absolute knockout body.​​

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